What is a Virtual Congress?


It is a scientific meeting similar to a traditional congress, though conducted fully in a virtual online environment, where a panel of experts selected by the Congress Scientific Committee offers video lectures along with relevant complementary material to enhance every speech. In each talk, lecturers are shown next to the relevant slides (in a Power Point or similar format) that are normally used in traditional conferences. Attendees will be able to stop the lecture at any point, or even go backwards or forwards or download the material offered, among other things. Every scheduled lecture –depending on the relevant content– will last from 15 to 30 minutes, with none exceeding this length of time.
Attendees will be able to access content online from devices such as PCs, tablets or smartphones. In addition, once the relevant activity has been uploaded, they will be able to access a specific forum available for discussions, where they can interact with the speaker and/or other colleagues who have attended the lecture. It should be taken into account that neither the lectures nor forums will be delivered or carried out in real time.
Every attendee will also be able to verify his or her learning by means of interactive online self-assessment activities, which will be offered for each lecture.
Registration and navigation procedures are extremely simple and do not require special skills.


What are the goals of VIRTUALAB 2019?


• Offering a complete e-learning training platform available online for professionals of the Clinical Laboratory Science community (Biochemists and other related professionals holding similar degrees) from Argentina and abroad.
• Granting professionals easy access to updated content by means of a user-friendly platform and a flexible methodology, anytime, anywhere.
• Fostering greater interaction between participants and content, before and after the virtual event itself.


Can free communications (scientific papers) be submitted?


The Virtual Congress also offers an environment for the presentation of scientific papers on any topic of Clinical Biochemistry (sciences of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences).

Submissions will be accepted until September 16.
All activities must be carried out online. No face-to-face interaction is needed.
Website surfing:
Once you have logged in, you will have access to general information of the Congress, its scientific schedule and the instructions for sending free communications.
Attendees can register through the Registration Panel that is available in the right-hand margin of each page by following three simple steps:
1. Filling in the registration form.
2. Selecting a payment method.
3. Once the operation is done, access will be enabled by the Administration.
Teaching material available upon registration:
Resumé of each Coordinator and lecturer.
7 main topics and 44 video lectures.
Relevant bibliography for each presentation.
Self-assessment activities.
At the end of the Congress, each attendee will be able to download a digital certificate.